Automotive Fabric Market, By Fabric Type (Polyester, Vinyl, Leather, Nylon, and Others), By Vehicle Type (Passenger Type and Commercial Vehicle), By Application (Floor Covering, Upholstery, Pre-assembled interior Components, Tires, Safety Belts, Airbags, and Others), By Region (North America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Rest of the World) – Market Size & Forecasting (2016-2028)

The Automotive Fabric Market report highlights market opportunities and competitive scenarios for Automotive fabric on a regional and global basis. Market size estimation and forecasts have been provided based on a unique research design customized to the dynamics of the Automotive fabric market. The Automotive fabric market has been segmented by fabric type (polyester, vinyl, leather, nylon, and others), by vehicle type (passenger type and commercial vehicle), by application (floor covering, upholstery, pre-assembled interior components, tires, safety belts, airbags, and others). Historic back-drop for Automotive fabric market has been analyzed according to organic and inorganic developments to provide precise market size estimations. Also, key factors impacting the growth of the Automotive fabric market have been identified with potential gravity. Major regions covered in the study include North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Rest of the World.

Market Segmentation: 

By Fabric Type:
    • Polyester
    • Vinyl
    • Leather
    • Nylon
    • and Others

By Vehicle Type:
    • Passenger Type
    • and Commercial Vehicle

By Application:
    • Floor Covering
    • Upholstery
    • Pre-assembled interior Components
    • Tires
    • Safety Belts
    • Airbags
    • and Others

By Region:
    • North America 
        ◦ North America, by Country 
            ▪ US 
            ▪ Canada 
            ▪ Mexico 
        ◦ North America, by Fabric Type
        ◦ North America, by Vehicle Type
        ◦ North America, by Application 

    • Western Europe 
        ◦ Western Europe, by Country 
            ▪ Germany 
            ▪ UK 
            ▪ France 
            ▪ Italy 
            ▪ Spain 
            ▪ The Netherlands 
            ▪ Rest of Western Europe 
        ◦ Western Europe, by Fabric Type
        ◦ Western Europe, by Vehicle Type
        ◦ Western Europe, by Application 

    • Asia Pacific 
        ◦ Asia Pacific, by Country 
            ▪ China 
            ▪ India 
            ▪ Japan 
            ▪ South Korea 
            ▪ Australia 
            ▪ Indonesia 
            ▪ Rest of Asia Pacific 
        ◦ Asia Pacific, by Fabric Type
        ◦ Asia Pacific, by Vehicle Type
        ◦ Asia Pacific, by Application 

    • Eastern Europe 
        ◦ Eastern Europe, by Country 
            ▪ Russia 
            ▪ Turkey 
            ▪ Rest of Eastern Europe 
        ◦ Eastern Europe, by Fabric Type
        ◦ Eastern Europe, by Vehicle Type
        ◦ Eastern Europe, by Application 

    • Middle East 
        ◦ Middle East, by Country 
            ▪ UAE 
            ▪ Saudi Arabia 
            ▪ Qatar 
            ▪ Iran 
            ▪ Rest of Middle East
        ◦ Middle East, by Fabric Type
        ◦ Middle East, by Vehicle Type
        ◦ Middle East, by Application 

    • Rest of the World 
        ◦ Rest of the World, by Country 
            ▪ South America 
            ▪ Africa 
        ◦ Rest of the World, by Fabric Type
        ◦ Rest of the World, by Vehicle Type
        ◦ Rest of the World, by Application

Major Companies: SRF Limited, Lear Corporation, Acme Mills Company, Suminoe Textile Co. Ltd., Adient Plc., Heathcoat Fabrics Limited, Seiren Co., Ltd., Toyota Boshoku Corporation, Martur Automotive Seating System, and Grupo Antolin Irausa, S.A.

Years Covered in the Study:

Historic Year: 2016-2017

Base Year:2018

Estimated Year: 2019

Forecast Year: 2028

Objectives of this Report:

    • To estimate market size for Automotive fabric market on regional and global basis.
    • To identify major segments in Automotive fabric market and evaluate their market shares and demand.
    • To provide a competitive scenario for the Automotive fabric market with major developments observed by key companies in the historic years.
    • To evaluate key factors governing the dynamics of Automotive fabric market with their potential gravity during the forecast period.

Reasons to Buy This Report:

    • Provides niche insights for decision about every possible segment helping in strategic decision making process.
    • Market size estimation of the Automotive fabric market on a regional and global basis.
    • A unique research design for market size estimation and forecast.
    • Identification of major companies operating in the market with related developments
    • Exhaustive scope to cover all the possible segments helping every stakeholder in the Automotive fabric market.


This study is customized to meet your specific requirements:

    • By Segment
    • By Sub-segment
    • By Region/Country
    • Product Specific Competitive Analysis

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