Global Nanomechanical Testing Market, By Offering (Hardware, Services), By Instrument (SEM, TEM, Dual-Beam), By Application (Life Sciences, Material Development, Semiconductor Manufacturing, Industrial Manufacturing), By Region (North America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Rest of the World) – Market Size & forecasting (2016-2025)

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Nano-mechanical Testing is a method of testing that relies on accurate measurement of forces and deflections in the tested objects. Nano-mechanical testing makes use of observations of samples by scanning electron microscope, force measurement and micro-assembly in the range from nano newtons to millinewtons and for deflection measurement. 

Segment Analysis

The nanomechanical testing market is segmented on the basis of the offering, instrument type, and application.

Based on the offering, the market is bifurcated into hardware and services. The Hardware-based offerings are expected to grow as products with more accuracy and efficiency are being made. There is a rising demand to understand the properties of various materials by testing them.

On the basis of the instrument, it is segmented as SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopes), TEM (Transmission Electron Microscopes), and Dual-Beam.

By the basis of the application, the market is segmented as Life Sciences, Material Development, Semiconductor Manufacturing, and Industrial Manufacturing. Material development is the largest growing application for this market. Metamaterials are made of meta-atoms that can interact with magnetic and electric components creating opportunities in the nanomechanical testing market. They had features such as a smaller wavelength than the wavelength of the electromagnetic waves it affects. They support the miniaturized optical devices and can be customized into new optical systems. Metamaterial development could revolutionize the functioning of the world and are growing significantly.

The North American region is currently leading the market due to the on-going industrialization and high demand for testing instruments for R&D processes. However, the APAC region is also growing in a significant manner. The industries in this region have been steadily adopting newer technologies and increasing the usage of connected devices.

Key Factors Impacting Market Growth:
    • Increasing demand from end users industries
    • Growing demand for small, lighter and cost efficient devices

Regional Analysis:

By region, the nanomechanical testing market has been segmented in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Rest of the World. The North America and Western Europe regions are estimated to register a stable demand during the forecast period with market recovery from recent slowdowns. North America region includes the US, Canada, and Mexico. The US is estimated to dominate this market with a sizeable share followed by Canada, and Mexico. The industrial sector is a major contributor to the US and Canada economies overall. Hence, the supply of advanced materials in production activities is critical to the overall growth of industries in this region. 

Western Europe region is dominated by Germany, the UK, France, Italy, and Spain. These countries also have a strong influence on the industrial sector resulting in sizeable demand for nanomechanical testing market.Asia Pacific is estimated to register the highest CAGR by region during the forecast period. The presence of some of the high growth economies such as China and India is expected to propel the demand in this region. Besides, this region has witnessed strategic investments by major companies to increase their market presence. The Middle East and Eastern Europe are estimated to be other key regions for the nanomechanical testing market with a strong market potential during the forecast period. Rest of the World consisting of South America and Africa are estimated to be emerging markets during the forecast period.

Companies Covered: Bruker Corporation, Alemnis GmbH, Nanomechanics Inc., Micro Materials Limited, Nanoscience Instruments, MTS Systems Corporation, Quad Group, Inc., Illinois Tool Works Inc., Biomomentum Inc., Micro Materials Limited, and Testometric Co., Ltd. 

Market Segmentation:
By Offering:
    • Hardware
    • Services 

By Instrument:
    • SEM
    • TEM
    • Dual-Beam

By Application:
    • Life Sciences
    • Material Development
    • Semiconductor Manufacturing
    • Industrial Manufacturing

By Region:
    • North America
        ◦ By Country (US, Canada, Mexico)
        ◦ By Offering
        ◦ By Instrument
        ◦ By Application
    • Western Europe
        ◦ By Country (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Rest of Western Europe) 
        ◦ By Offering
        ◦ By Instrument
        ◦ By Application
    • Eastern Europe
        ◦ By Country (Russia, Turkey, Rest of Eastern Europe) 
        ◦ By Offering
        ◦ By Instrument
        ◦ By Application
    • Asia Pacific
        ◦ By Country (China, Japan, India, South Korea, Australia, Rest of Asia Pacific) 
        ◦ By Offering
        ◦ By Instrument
        ◦ By Application
    • Middle East 
        ◦ By Country (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, Rest of Middle East) 
        ◦ By Offering
        ◦ By Instrument
        ◦ By Application
    • Rest of the World
        ◦ By Region (South America, Africa) 
        ◦ By Offering
        ◦ By Instrument
        ◦ By Application

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