Global Flocculants Market to grow at a CAGR of 3.1% During Forecast Period

The Global Flocculants Market will reach USD 953.5 Million by the end of 2028, exhibiting a CAGR of 3.1% over the forecast period. The rising number of wastewater treatment plants due to the lack of water resources will drive the demand for flocculants during the forecast period. They are the mostly used water treatment chemicals. On the other hand, regulations on the adoption of chemicals in water treatment may limit the demand for flocculants over the next few years. Furthermore, power generation is one of the most major application segments for flocculants. Therefore, the rising power demand may increase the demand for flocculants infuture.

Flocculants are also majorly useful in waste treatment for tanneries, pigments, pesticides, and dyes, along with other wastes with suspended solids. Moreover, cationic flocculants have usage in the food & beverage industry for treating wastewater. In mining and excavation industries, it has applications in eliminating red mud from minerals over the treatment process.

The growing demand for specific formulations in developing regions will offer opportunities for the global flocculants market. However, the growth of alternative water treatment technologies, as well as an increasing requirement for eco-friendly products formula, can challenge industry development over the forecast period.

Flocculants have usage in several end-use industries, such as pulp & paper, textile, municipal water treatment, oil & gas, mining, and others. In terms of the end-use industry, the pulp & paper segment will lead the flocculant market in terms of value and volumeover the predicted period. The high consumption of flocculants in the pulp & paper sector for various procedures and the number of primary water treatment applications have contributed to the development of the market.

In terms of geographical perspective, the Asia Pacific region is likely to witness immense growth due to the increasing demand from the growing chemical industries. Likewise, high industrial productivity with high economic growth in this region will drive product demand in several industries such as metal, oil & gas, and food & beverages. Moreover, the availability of cheap labor is drawing many international companies to develop and capitalize in developing countries such as India and China.

Global Flocculants Market, By Type

Based on type, the Global Flocculants Market segmentation includes inorganic, synthetic, and natural. Synthetic flocculants are usually made from poly-acrylamides. Other significant synthetic types comprise polyamines, polyamides-amines, polyethylene-imines, polyethylene-oxide, as well as sulfonated compounds. Synthetic flocculants have found extensive usage in alumina industry, which is driving the growth of this segment.

Global Flocculants Market, By Application Industry

Based on application,the Global Flocculants Market segmentation includes water & wastewater treatment, oil & gas, mineral extraction, power generation, and others. In terms of applications, the municipalities segment held the largest share of the market. Flocculants help in particle clump formation and therefore,they have usage in efficient treatment of wastewater by splitting harmful particles within it. Moreover, the growing demand for water treatment and regulations about wastewater disposal are some other factors boosting the growth of this segment.

Global Flocculants Market, By Geographical Regions

According to the regional perspective, the Asia Pacific market will witness massive growth owing to the increasing demand from the growing chemical industries. Likewise, a high industrial output, coupled with the rapid economic development in this region, will drive product demand in various industries such as metal, oil & gas, and food & beverages.

Key Market Developments

  • In May 2019, Sanyo Chemical Industries Ltd. (Japan) signed a contract with Nippon Shokubai Co. Ltd. (Japan) to move ahead with the consideration towards the incorporation of their industries based on an equal footing. Thus, businesses will carry out thorough discussions and examinations concerning the Business Integration with the spirit of equality and mutual-trust to conclude the final contract on the Business Integration in December 2019.
  • In May 2019, Kurita Water Industries Ltd. acquired high revenues from Avista Technologies Ltd. (UK) and Avista Technologies Inc. (US) that are engaged in the manufacturing and sale of water treatment chemicals.

Some Key Findings of the Global Flocculants Market Report Include:

  • A holistic and in-depth analysis of the Flocculants market
  • A region-wise and country-wise analysis of the flocculants market and growth details of various areas
  • Comprehensive information regarding the current R&D activities performed by each flocculants market service provider
  • Factors impacting the consumption pattern of customers across several countries and regions
  • Year-on-year development of the global flocculants market in terms of value and volume
  • Previous and upcomingdevelopmentsin the global flocculants market
  • Strategic background of the flocculants market to boost the growth journey
  • Some of the major players operating in the flocculants market are CRW Finishing Inc, 3F Chimica Americas, Hubbart - Hall Inc and Severn Trent Services, among others

Market Segmentation:

By Type:

  • Inorganic
  • Activated Silica
  • Colloidal Clay
  • Metallic Hydroxides
  • Synthetic
  • Poly-acrylamides
  • Polyethylene-imines
  • Polyamines
  • Sulfonated Compounds
  • Others
  • Natural
  • Starch Derivatives
  • Polysaccharides
  • Alginates

By Application:

  • Water & Wastewater Treatment
  • Oil & Gas
  • Mineral Extraction
  • Power Generation
  • Others

By Region:

  • North America
  • Western Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East
  • Rest of the World
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