QMI Research Practice

We follow a stringent research practice that consists of several in line processes before publishing the study. Some of these key processes include identifying emerging market opportunities, scope defining & validation from industry experts, data collection, data compilation & validation, and report writing process. Secondary research and primary interviews are the key mediums in the above process to gather information and validation of the same. A ten year forecast has been adopted to help companies in the short term as well as long term decision making process. Some of these processes are as explained below.

Scope Validation

Emerging market opportunities across selected verticals are identified with respect to selected parameters. Some of the key parameters with respect to these opportunities include companies active in respective market, regional developments, regulatory factors, and others. These factors influence the growth of a market during the forecast period. The respective scope for a given market is designed and validated from industry experts across the value chain of the market.

Data Collection

The data collection process is one of the important processes of the QMI research practice where respective data is collected from the secondary sources. We follow a unique data collection process where most of the secondary data is validated through a number of processes. We also follow primary research for data collection primarily in case of markets that have a very niche existence where a selected number of industry experts are interviewed with an open end questionnaires.

Data Compilation and Data Validation

The Collected data is compiled in a standard format and respective calculations are performed on the same. Data is triangulated with number of approaches to reach global market size. This data is validated from the industry experts through questionnaires and primary interviews. This helps in data accuracy, market size estimations, and forecasts.

Report Writing Process

Report writing process is the final stage in the syndicated market studies where content with respect to the collected data is prepared in a standardized format. The study is reviewed from a pool of subject matter experts before publishing the same.

All the above processes are carried out to provide a valuable set of information to you in decision making process. In addition to this, we custom design some methodologies according the dynamics of a given market.