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Limitation of Liability

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All purchases made from the website of Quince Market Insights are deemed final. If users have any doubt about any transaction, they should immediately contact Quince Market Insights before clicking on the purchase tab on the final page on Quince Market Insights website, or the bank’s payment page, where the user may be re-directed.

If a user believes that an error has occurred during the course of a transaction carried out with Quince Market Insights, the user should immediately contact the Company to report the problem to a member of the customer service team.

The type of information sold by Quince Market Insights, and the digital format in which it is sold, is such that the Company cannot accept any requests for returns ones the product has been dispatched.

Quince Market Insight’s research reports are market information and analyses transmitted in a digital format. Due to the digital nature of Quince Market Insight’s products, we cannot grant a refund once the market research report has been dispatched. However, if the data is missing, incomplete, or differs from what was originally agreed between Quince Market Insights and the customer, Quince Market Insights will provide free customization on the report in question.

Under special circumstances, refunds may be offered solely at the discretion of the Company’s management. Furthermore, if users have issues regarding the report’s overall quality, Quince Market Insights will promptly address them.

Termination of Use

If User breach any of these Terms of Use we may prevent them/it from using this website on a permanent or temporary basis. We can take other action as well including but not limited to reporting user to the police or other law enforcement body, issue a warning or take legal action against user and pursue any costs we incur as a result of doing this.

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